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We thought it might be helpful to have a place on our website where we can collate our reviews from various sources: our fb page or google so that we can keep them together for you to look at!
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From Nooma Organics to The Severn Weigh?
Towards the end of September 2017, I made the incredibly difficult decision to take a break from my skincare manufacture of Nooma Organics in order to rethink the direction of the business. I was then faced with an awful quandary - if I took time out from the business, then the organic certification with the soil association, that I had worked so hard to achieve, would also need to come to an abrupt end rather than to simply pause.
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Lavender Essential Oil Myths
Lavender is perhaps the most commonly used and versatile Essential Oil. It has well documented benefits to the skin, and is known to be cleansing, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory; often used for burns, bites, stings, cuts, alongside athlete’s foot and eczema... Despite the wide range of research studies which identify the variety of beneficial attributes of Lavender oil, (Khan I. & Abourashed E, 2010, 3rd ed) there
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