Simply Label Appeal? Part 3. Organic?
Brandished across many food and cosmetics labels is the oh-so familiar word ‘Organic’ - but what does it actually mean? ... From the perspective of Organic Farming, however, the definition of ‘Organic’ has a very different meaning, referring to farming practices that are rooted in holistic philosophy:“…organic farmers take a holistic, principled approach that respects and harnesses the power of natural processes to build positive health a
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Simply 'Label Appeal'? Part 2. Natural & Raw
The meaning of the words ‘natural’ and ‘raw’ might appear to be explicit but these terms have no legal, regulated definition on Cosmetics' labels.Products labelled as 'natural' vary enormously: from those comprised of nutrient rich, simply processed ingredients to others containing some rather dubious synthetic or chemically processed derivatives.So called 'Natural Ingredients', whilst perhaps derived from natural sources, may have subs
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 Simply 'Label Appeal'? Part 1.
At Nooma Organics, we are hugely disenchanted by the widespread ‘greenwashing’ of conventional skincare products: an extensive and misleading use of the terms 'natural' and 'organic' applied to products which scarcely meet the mark; intended to create ‘label appeal’ rather than identify genuine skin nourishing formulas. These terms have become so ‘common or garden’ that they have lost their potency; perhaps have become relatively meaningless...
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