Reducing the Risks of COVID-19 at The Severn Weigh                                                                                                                                                                                         


We have thought through the implications of the new rules changing on Monday but we have decided that we will be keeping the store as we are for the time being.

We would like everyone to feel safe shopping with us especially because it is such a small space and so we are asking customers to please continue to sanitise your hands when you enter the shop and to wear masks where possible. 

Please keep distanced and be considerate of others who may be in the shop at the same time. Some of our customers have been shielding for an exceptionally long time and have only recently felt able to leave their homes to visit the shop.

We are also keeping customer numbers restricted for the time being.

Many thanks for everyone's support over the last 7 months; we will continue to review this but let's keep everyone safe! 


With the pandemic of COVID-19 it has been essential for us to consider the risks of contamination with everyone associated with The Severn Weigh, from suppliers and delivery drivers, ourselves packing and delivering the food orders, and of course to our customers who collect or receive their orders from us. Every interaction with another person has been thought through carefully in order to mitigate the risks of contamination and ensure that everybody is kept as safe as possible.

We have therefore needed to adopt several safety precautions in terms of strict hygiene and social distance measures whilst accepting that the risk of contamination can never be fully eliminated. We ask that you please support us and follow our safety measures, thank you.

We will continue to do our best to mitigate risks and will review our practices as new information comes to light. 

Customers - Click & Collect

* We apologise to our customers but unfortunately our front entrance is currently not wheelchair accessible and has three wide low steps leading up to the doorway. We hope to find a safe solution but in the meantime, we will of course happily bring your orders out to you - please let us know in advance.   

* To help reduce the risks of COVID contamination, we have restricted visitor access to our store and are currently offering a trading counter at the front entrance where you can collect your order from us. We do not have a sneeze screen and so please keep your distance where possible, thank you.

* Your order will usually be placed loose in a sanitised plastic tray that we will pass to you. Please bring bags or a box for your order. 

We have limited browsing space in the store although we do have some shelves with non-food items to view near to the entrance by the counter. Please resist handling items unless you have sanitised your hands in store and intend to purchase. (Please do not open skincare lids). 

If you would like to view a non-food product before you purchase, please ask when collecting your order. 

* When you arrive, unless you are exempt, it is now mandatory for everyone to wear a face covering before entering the store please. We will also be wearing face coverings so that we can help to protect each other. 

* You will not need to wear gloves but please do sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided at the desk before collecting your food order. We have a hands free sanitiser and so you will not need to touch any bottle. 

* We will only allow 2 customers (one at desk and one waiting at the side) or one small family group / bubble into the store at any time please.  

* If you arrive and someone else is in front of you, please stand back and wait outside. Please do not enter the front entrance until they have left with their order. Please use 2M social distancing measures wherever possible outside the store. You may prefer to wait in your car until it is free for you to collect.

* If you prefer not to enter the store, we will bring the order to your car.  Please let us know - make a comment in the box when you place your online order or call before you collect.

* If you would like to add some forgotten items to your food order, feel free to make another brief order and state so in comments box at checkout / or contact us otherwise you can also simply buy additional items when you collect.

* We are CASH FREE and prefer orders to go through the website where possible however we have a hands free card payment machine available for in store purchases. 

* We have limited parking for customers - up to 4 or 5 cars - and so we ask that you leave promptly to keep spaces available for others. Please do NOT park in the farmer's meadow but use our gravel carpark immediately outside our store.

* We are situated near close neighbours and have permission for customers to access the privately owned lane which has shared use with other residents. Please be respectful of our neighbours and drive carefully at 5mph (they have small children sometimes playing in the lane and dogs which may be loose), many thanks.

Filling Own Containers:

We have been trialling allowing customers to bring in their own containers and it is currently working well.

* Customers may bring in their own clean / dry (food safe only) containers in a bag or box in advance of collecting an online order (please do say so in the comments section at check-out which products you are bringing containers for). As mentioned above, food containers must NOT have been previously used to contain non-foods. Containers brought for cleaning or toiletry products must have contained a similar product without previously having contained harsh ingredients such as bleach which could react with the new product. (Please ensure to avoid branded drinks bottles to avoid contents from being mistakenly consumed).

**It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that containers brought from home are properly clean and hygienic. Whilst we do everything we can to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination whilst we weigh our loose foods, we cannot accept any responsibility for the cleanliness or contamination to the food from your own containers. 

* Customers may also simply pop in ad hoc with containers and a shopping list and wait whilst I fill them although during busy periods you may have to wait a little while to be served.

We may need to review this and offer specific time slots for refills since we are happily getting busier!

Customers - Home Delivery

* When we deliver your food, we will place the order on your doorstep - or your chosen place - and ask that you give us time to knock and stand back before you open the door.

* If you will not be home at the delivery time, please let us know and ensure that you have organised a safe, dry place for us to leave your order. 

* We will not be wearing gloves but will be sanitising our hands between deliveries and wearing a mask where appropriate. 

Any Queries or Concerns?

Please message us HERE or feel free to call.

Feedback welcome! We value any helpful comments or suggestions!


Mitigation Measures in our workplace: Hygiene & Sanitising 

* Hand-washing on arrival to the workshop, before touching anything; wearing clean apron and gloves when handling food. Thoroughly washing hands and sanitising all work surfaces and equipment throughout all stages of food handling and order packing / serving different customers.  

 Workers / Visitors:  Social Distancing with COVID-19

* Currently only members from the same household / bubble to work alongside each other and pack food orders.

* Visitors / outside workers have a restricted entry to store, 2M distancing where possible; face coverings to be worn and strict hand washing and sanitising measures following visit.