The Severn Weigh is a zero-waste grocery store at Oldbury Naite, Oldbury-on-Severn, near Thornbury. Pop in anytime to refill your containers or use our paper bags or browse through our web shop for a Click & Collect service or local home delivery with plastic free packaging. We offer a wide range of organic loose whole foods, pantry items, plastic free toiletries, personal and household items plus a range of refills: cleaning products and personal care (shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc). We offer home delivery to local residents and those living in the surrounding areas in South Gloucestershire with the postcodes BS35, BS32, BS36, BS37, GL12 & GL13.

Information on Click & Collect HERE.

WE ARE OPEN WEEKDAYS 9.30am - 5.00pm and SATURDAYS 9.30am - 4.30pm.  Store: 01454 419475. 


We are a vegetarian family business with a commitment to ethical sourcing, vastly reducing waste, to omit single use plastics and essentially to promote sustainable living.

Part of our goal is to work with local suppliers that fit with our ethics. 

Who are we? The owners are Naomi and Rod Smyth. Please see link to our Inspiration for The Severn Weigh here. 

Reducing waste in all its forms is at the heart of the zero-waste business enterprise which omits the use of single use plastics and unnecessary packaging thereby reducing landfill and reliance upon recycling. We buy our food in bulk sizes and where possible, within paper sacks. Sometimes, food is delivered in plastic. We always attempt to re-use or re-home any packaging before we send to recycle.  

Whilst a zero waste shop focuses on packaging free shopping, this is difficult to achieve with an online store and particularly with COVID-19 concerns. 

Loose food is weighed out and repackaged for you in food grade recycled paper bags unless the product is very sticky / oily or needs to keep crispy. In which case, we use PLASTIC FREE certified home compostable wood cellulose bags. We are also offering returnable glass jars for teas, coffee and hot chocolate when they are available.

We also offer a refill service for all cleaning products, shampoo, hand wash, lotion and sanitiser and lend out glass amber bottles to be returned and sterilised and can be refilled or swapped for a freshly filled one. Please do return these. (There is an option to purchase your own pump or trigger spray that you can keep at home to use with your next refill.) 

Customers have the option to REFILL THEIR OWN containers / bottles - please let us know in the comment section section at check out which products you will be bringing containers for. We can either fill them while you wait or you can drop off containers and return later. 

* If you prefer, you can simply drop in to the store anytime with your containers and a shopping list and buy from the shelves rather than place an order and make payment through the online store (we are cash free but have hands free card and phone payment available at the store). Please be aware that during busy periods, you might have to wait a little while to be served.

For further details on how to order and what to expect, please click here.

What we sell: 

Organic produce at The Severn Weigh includes a wide range of dried whole foods, such as muesli, pasta, rice and pulses; dried fruit, nuts and seeds; herbs and spices; teas, coffee and cocoa; flour, sugar and baking essentials; oils and vinegars; local honey and syrups, sweet and savoury loose snacks and treats. We also offer a range of natural cleaning products, soaps, toiletries and skincare within plastic free re-usable / refillable packaging wherever possible. 

Sourcing wholesome local foods is also important to us and whilst they may not all be certified organic, we ensure to check growing standards, any pesticide use and ingredients lists. In this regard, we have approached some local businesses who may be able be supply us with fresh produce and additional artisanal products which we hope to develop as the business grows.

In the new year, we will be working with Thornbury Market Garden to offer a range of local salads and fresh produce. Whilst not certified organic, the food has been grown within organic standards and are never grown using pesticides. 

We also offer two types of raw honey from two local beekeepers and we ask customers to return jars, where possible, to be sterilised and re-used. 

We have decided to stock a range of jarred and tinned store-cupboard essentials such as pestos and condiments. We save our jam jars, wash and sterilise them to offer to customers to re-use and save on single use packaging. Whilst tinned products may not be in readily re-usable packaging, most of us make regular use of tinned tomatoes and baked beans and so it seemed appropriate for us to offer an organic ethically sourced alternative to the usual supermarket brands. Besides, the steel used in cans is a precious resource and fully recyclable. Where possible we try to source BPA free canned foods.   

Lastly, we have worked hard to source a good range of useful sustainable personal and household items which will enable customers to make lifestyle changes and switch from disposable plastics to quality, re-usable or fully biodegradable / compostable products. If you notice a common item missing from our list that you would like us to sell, please let us know and we may be able to source it for you.

The Severn Weigh, Oldbury Naite, Oldbury-on-Severn, South Gloucestershire, BS35 1RU.

We are a vegetarian family business with a commitment to ethical sourcing, vastly reducing waste, to omit single use plastics and essentially to promote sustainable living. Part of our goal is to work with local suppliers that fit with our ethics.